• Great customer experience is beneficial for brands

Great customer service whilst keeping costs under control

Does your business want to provide a great customer experience regardless of what channel your customers use to contact you, be it by calling you, messaging you via email, SMS or contacting you via your website?

Do you also want to reduce your operational costs, which can be achieved by

  • reducing call volumes by allowing customers to self-serve,
  • increasing customer care agents productivity and efficiency so that they can hadnle more customer queries and
  • using a cost-effective contact centre technology platform that can scale up and down with demand

To provide a great customer experience it's really important to understand your customers, what help they need and how well your organisation provides that help. This includes things like

  • Understanding the reasons customers call,
  • Understanding how well your customer queries are being resolved and you find out about any issues in a timely manner and
  • Ensuring that your customer care agents have the tools to be efficient at assisting your customers

We believe that Amazon Connect and AWS are the stand-out platforms for achieving these goals, delivering great omnichannel customer experience while improving the agents’ efficiency. With our expertise and experience, we can help your organisation shift to a new platform and get the results you want.

What we can help with

Our experts can help your organisation not just to setup the technology for your contact centre but to also optimise it and reduce call volumes

How we can help

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Expert Advice & Consulting

We are here to help you define and create architecture that will bring your business to the level of agility that used to only exist in the digital world. Concepts like continuous delivery and deployment, infrastructure-as-a-code and devops are now available for your contact centre as well. Our team of experts can help you understand how all these building blocks fit together and leverage your investment into AWS.

Embedded experts

Boost your dev capacity by augmenting your own technical team with in2cloud resources as you build

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Perhaps you want to ramp up the number of teams working on your project, without going through the hassle of finding the right people. Whether you have a large project with a lot of moving parts, or a small piece of work you need to get done on your platform, we can handle it. We’ll provide you with a high performing team and a seamless project delivery.

Why work with us

Our expertise with the Amazon Connect and AWS means we’ve been there, done that when it comes to these cloud technologies. Whether you’re looking leverage Amazon Connect and AWS for innovation, agility, cost savings, contact centre efficiency, or all of the above, we know you want to do it right – and we’ll help you get there..

Our work

Over the years we have been involved in many exciting projects that have significantly improved customer experiences and delivered benefits to the organisations. Here are a few of the most recent ones..

Self-Service via Voice and Digital channels using Amazon Connect

Our work with a large energy retailer involved implementing self-service flows in IVR and digital channels using Amazon Connect and AWS. One of the main project goals was to uplift the self-service experience through IVR; and to enable seamless transition of the customer from IVR to digital channel or to an agent.

Self-service IVR flows included experiences that made it easier for customers to extend an existing energy plan. Instead of having to call up, go through messaging with an agent and talking about the plan, this was implemented in Connect to the point where almost the whole process was done automatically. The result of this flow was very positive, with customers giving the experience nine out of ten for ease.

In another flow, customers were prompted to update their details, through outbound messaging. Using phone numbers for authentication, as well as account number and date of birth, customers could update their credit card expiry. There was a high level of containment for customers, meaning that many of them preferred to stay within the IVR process rather than speak to an agent.

Smart routing was also implemented in Connect to reduce the number of times a call is transferred between different places in the contact centre. For example, if people are moving house, the smart routing could determine whether the move was a so-called simple or complex move and connect the customer to the right agent.

Contact Centre Migration from Avaya to Amazon Connect

Outdated technology, ageing infrastructure, poor customer experience and contact centre agent inefficiencies were just some of the challenges that this Australian household name company faced when they decided to migrate their contact centre to Amazon Connect. By doing so, the goal was to create a powerful and simplified experience for customers as well as improve the agents efficiency. They wanted to achieve this by focusing on automating tasks, smarter call routing and more agile and flexible technology.

Amazon Connect together with the power of AWS has decreased average handling time (AHT) for the calls. This has been done by using smarter routing, authenticating the caller identity before the call is connected to an agent and integrating with the CRM system which brings up the customer details. Next best actions are also displayed, allowing agents to offer customers products and services that are relevant to them.

Ultimately, Amazon Connect has helped this company reduce call transfers, speed up resolution times and free up agents to handle calls of a higher complexity thus significantly improving not just the overall customer experience but also the efficiency of their contact centre.

From 1 deployment a week to 30 per day with AWS

When the prices for the product you are offering are the same as your competitors, or at least very similar, the only thing to differentiate you is the service and the customer experience. Typically, the customer will choose the provider with the easiest sign-up and the smoothest self-service experience provided in the channel of their choice – be it a website, an app, chat or voice.

The digital platforms of this well-known company were lacking in many ways, not least in the release of new features – from complexity during the development to having to involve a group of people for most of the day to release into production.

Over the 18 months, the company has gone through substantial changes ranging from architecture of the platforms to automation and team culture.

The philosophy behind the change was twofold. Firstly it was to create a customer-first mindset and align the teams with the customer journeys. And secondly to create a flexible cloud-native application architecture based on AWS services. This allows self-service features to be reused across multiple channels – from web, native apps and Amazon Connect-based IVR to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and chatbots in the future.

These changes have allowed the team to radically scale up without decrease in efficiency and to go from one deployment per week to up to 30 or 40 per day. The speed of which they can release new features now isn’t limited to how fast the team can do it, but rather how ready the customers and the organisation is to accept the change.

AWS and cloud-native applications enabling highly agile organsations

To succeed in fast-paced and competitive software-driven markets, companies must rethink how they design and use applications. Cloud-native application development is an approach to building and updating apps quickly, while improving quality and enhancing safety.

Being much more than just a set of tools, DevOps is a culture of cross-functional teams that deliver high business value. AWS is the standout platform providing a set of services, technologies and tools as a foundation for the DevOps culture and enabling organisations to be highly agile and respond to customer needs and market demands.

A well-known company we were working with, have embarked on a journey to transform their applications from an “on-premise” architecture to a cloud-native architecture utilising AWS services and establishing a DevOps culture for their development and operations team.

The result was a successful migration of all applications into AWS and highly agile DevOps teams which allowed this company to become faster and more agile in the way they deliver features to their customers. With AWS and DevOps, they were able to reduce the time between the idea stage and the delivery – with design, development and release being achieved quickly, sometimes within hours.

Technology Stack

Our team are more than just Amazon Connect and AWS exeperts and also have years of experience with a number of other technologies, languages, frameworks and tools

Who we are

Global pandemic in 2020 has caused years-long digital transformation roadmaps compressed into days and weeks. As customer behaviour changed almost overnight, companies in every industry have had to adapt to these changes ranging from increased use of their digital channels to the contact centre agents working from home.

in2cloud was founded to help organisations to meet these challenges by creating frictionless omnichannel Customer Experiences whilst improving the Contact Center efficiency using Amazon Connect and AWS.

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